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Transformational Leadership for the Sustainable Development Goals

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Following a successful program launch in 2021, Palmyra Partners is working to co-deliver the Praxis Institute's Spring 2023 offering. 

This innovative program focused on how development practitioners can better enact, embody, and practice the SDGs as a tool for transformational change. 


Diversity in Sustainability 

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As an Advisory Panel Member, Palmyra Partners actively supports Diversity in Sustainability, a professional network aimed at increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion within the field of sustainability. We offer strategic advice, that aims to build an intersectional and intergenerational approach  for the organization. 


Financing the Sustainable Development Goals -

Graduate Certificate Program

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Palmyra Partners is working with our academic client to develop a course on Financing the Sustainable Development Goals. 

This course will be the foundational module of a graduate certificate program in Financing Social Impact. 


Gender, Sustainability and Artisanal Mining in India



Gemstone mining is an ancient economic activity in the Indian state of Karnataka. Palmyra Partners'  independent research will provide a baseline analysis with a view to identifying potential interventions to improve environmental sustainability and gender equity in the local value chain. 

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