Palmyra Partners was created to catalyze innovative partnerships that dismantle barriers for justice, equity and inclusion in natural resource governance and sustainable development. 

We combine experience, rigour and kindness to deliver on this mission. 

Meet The Team


Dr. Priya Bala-Miller

Founder & CEO

Priya has worked on sustainable development for two decades across three continents, in collaboration with NGOs, UN Agencies, the private sector, academia and trade unions. She holds a PhD in Political Science, and brings specialist expertise in gender equality, human rights, resource governance and sustainable finance. 


Eseohe Ojo


Ese is an experienced human rights advocate and policy professional. Her prior project management experience tackled themes of gender equality, open governance, digital rights and environmental stewardship. Ese has worked in Nigeria and Canada on these issues with a diverse set of stakeholders including NGOs, academia and think tanks.  She holds a Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs


Raj Thamotheram

Senior Associate 

Raj is a globally recognized pioneer and author in the field of long-term and sustainable investment. He has founded and chaired several sustainable finance initiatives and regularly works with senior investment decision-makers. His roots are in the NGO community and he has taken this experience into the investment industry where he has worked as head of ESG investing at one of the UK’s biggest pension funds and a global fund manager.