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Palmyra Partners was created to bridge the gap between social justice outcomes and sustainable development.

We combine experience, rigour and kindness to deliver on this mission.


Dr. Priya Bala-Miller

Founder & CEO

Dr. Bala-Miller has worked on sustainable development for two decades across three continents, in collaboration with NGOs, UN Agencies, the private sector, academia and trade unions.


Dr. Bala-Miller is a respected senior executive and strategic planner, with technical expertise on natural resource governance, sustainable finance and human rights. She holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of British Columbia. She is passionate about people, platforms and ideas that advance social justice outcomes and meaningful inclusion in the field of sustainability.  


Palmyra Partners works with a network of globally dispersed associates specializing in sustainability strategy, transformational leadership, sustainable finance and human rights. We are committed to curating the perfect combination of skills and value to serve our clients' needs. 

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