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Human Rights-Based Approach to Policy Development


Palmyra Partners is worked with an independent office of the British Columbia Legislature on a framework for developing, implementing and evaluating internal policies in line with human-rights-based and decolonial approaches to policy. 


Strategic Program Development for Anti-Corruption NGOs  

Environment Activists Protest

Palmyra Partners  supported a number of non-profit clients with strategic program development and evaluation. This included assessing national business integrity and anti-corruption programs related to mining licenses,  beneficial ownership and climate change.


 Impact Benefit Agreements in the LNG Sector 

Workers at Gas Plant


Palmyra Partners created a research report and virtual Wayfinding Guide to meet our client's needs for  information on Impact Benefit Agreements (IBAs).

The goal of the project was to support Indigenous communities to define their preferred approaches to scoping and implementing IBAs.


Open Government Partnership Break the Roles Campaign

Worker on Site


As a member of the Gender & Extractives Advisory Committee, we  peer reviewed the Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) & World Resources Institute (WRI) research project that aims to foster gender transformative policy commitments by governments.  Read the report here


Responsible Sourcing & Gender Equality in Artisanal Gold Mining 

Golden bars on the woman's hand.jpg

Palmyra Partners worked with our government client to increase the percentage of artisan-mined gold that meets globally-recognized standards for responsible sourcing.

Our technical support focused on  gender equality (SDG Goal 5) and responsible consumption and production (SDG Goal 12). 


Gender & Environmental Impact Assessment 

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng


Palmyra Partners collaborated with The UBC Centre for Environmental Assessment Research on a book chapter related to gender-based analysis and environmental impact assessment processes for natural resource sector projects. The work offers a practical introduction to key issues, debates and tools on the topic. 


GBA+ and Impact Assessment - Richer Analysis, Better Outcomes

Public Demonstration


Palmyra Partners were invited by Oxfam Canada to join a virtual workshop with experts from across the country to discuss challenges, gaps and opportunities in integrating intersectional gender-based analysis (GBA+) in impact assessments. Read the workshop report here

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