BCCIC Praxis Institute on the 

Sustainable Development Goals

Palmyra Partners is contributing a JEDI lens to BCCIC's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Praxis Program.

This innovative program examines how development practitioners can better enact, embody, and practice the SDGs as a tool for transformational change. 


PlanetGold - A GEF Initiative


As a member of  the Project Advisory Group, we provide programmatic advice for The planetGOLD programme. This effort works with governments, the private sector, and artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM) communities in nine countries to significantly improve the production practices, health and safety.


Needs-Responsive Analysis on Impact Benefit Agreements 


Palmyra Partners is providing research and analysis that responds to our client's needs for  information on Impact Benefit Agreements (IBAs).

The goal of the project is to support communities to understand and define their preferred approaches to scoping and implementing IBAs.


Responsible Sourcing & Gender Equality in Artisanal Gold Mining 


Palmyra Partners is working with our government client to increase the percentage of artisan-mined gold that meets globally-recognized standards for responsible sourcing.

Our technical support focuses on  gender equality (SDG Goal 5) and responsible consumption and production (SDG Goal 12). 


Strategic Program Development  

Palmyra Partners is supporting our non-profit client to accelerate a national program aimed at enhancing public and private sector accountability for compliance with environmental and social standards in the mining sector. Our technical support focuses on partnerships and strategically-grounded program development. 


Open Government Partnership Break the Roles Campaign


As a member of the Gender & Extractives Advisory Committee, we contribute  to the Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) & World Resources Institute (WRI) project that aims to foster gender transformative policy commitments by governments. The research supports the OGP's Break the Roles Campaign.


Gender & Environmental Impact Assessment 


Palmyra Partners is collaborating with The UBC Centre for Environmental Assessment Research on a book chapter related to gender-based analysis and environmental impact assessment processes for natural resource sector projects. The work will offer a practical introduction to key issues, debates and tools on the topic.