Strategic Analysis  

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Palmyra Partners is supporting our non-profit client to evaluate a national anti-corruption campaign. Our technical support focuses research, partnership engagement and strategic analysis to support future anti-corruption and transparency work in Canada. 


Gender, Sustainability & Gemstone Mining in Karnataka (India)


Gemstone mining is an ancient economic activity in the Indian state of Karnataka. Palmyra Partners'  independent research will provide a baseline analysis with a view to identifying potential interventions to improve environmental sustainability and gender equity in the local value chain. 


Human Rights

Policy Analysis & Guidance 


Palmyra Partners is supporting an independent office of the British Columbia Legislature to co-create a framework for developing, implementing and evaluating internal policies in line with human-rights-based and decolonial approaches to policy. 


PlanetGold - A GEF Initiative


Via the Project Advisory Group, we collaborate with governments, the private sector, and artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM) communities in nine countries to improve production practices, health and safety.


Read our CEO's foreword in the 2019-20 Annual Report here


Program Development  

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Palmyra Partners is working with our academic client to develop a course on Financing the Sustainable Development Goals.


This course will be the foundational module of a graduate certificate program in Financing Social Impact.